Higher Dose Infrared Sauna Blanket V3 Reviews UK

"My staff know that when we are on the road and we arrive at a new city. The first thing I do is workout, have a protein shake, and then lie in my higher dose infrared sauna wrap" - Bar Malik Director of performance for the New York Knicks

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Higher dose blanket benefits

The Infrared sauna blanket Higher Dose by Lauren Berlingeri (a health coach) and Katie Kaps (a former investment banker), was created by two women decided to jump into a health trend, that they felt would be the next big thing: infrared saunas. Before urban sweat lodges were created, the only place to use an infrared sauna was at your local tanning salons or health clubs. Lauren and Katie, both saw that infrared sauna spas (urban sweat lodges) like shape house, sweat theory and the springs in Los Angeles were all doing really well. New York didn't have a sauna spa (a place dedicated to infrared sauna's) so Katie and Lauren thought "why not have one?" Katie said "It was the best sweat I ever had. I felt like I had ran for 6 miles." 

An urban sweat lodge, is a place dedicated to infrared. This is where Infrared heated sleeping blankets are lined up with curtains, in private rooms for clients to relax in. The shape house urban sweat lodge in Los Angeles is a favourite place where all the A listers go like Salena Gomez, Demi more and the Kardashians.  

The founder of Higher Dose Lauren Berlingeri, had problems with her nervous system, had problems with her skin, and she also had problems sleeping at night. Laurens doctor told her to start using the infrared sauna. So she started going to sweat lodges like shape house in LA. Lauren and Katie saw that places like the shape house in Los Angeles was doing really well, and Lauren and Katie both thought New Yorkers are really stressed, so they could do with their own shape house spa. The girls asked themselves "why doesn't New York have one?". Lauren and Katie then opened up the first sauna infrared spa in New York City (a place dedicated to infrared saunas.) In 2016 founders Lauren Berlingeri and Katie Kaps launched their very first sauna spa in New York City. Higher Dose in caps stands for, the benefits of infrared heat, which are (d)opamine, (o)xytocin, (s)erotonin and (e)ndorphins.) This is why higher dose has a slogan called "Get high naturally".

When Katie and Lauren opened their first sauna spa Higher Dose in NYC, it became such a hit, that they were fully booked daily and in only one year, they already had four locations.  Even though they opened more locations, they were still booked up. This gave the girls an idea to create a take home product, like the other sweat lodges did, the infrared sauna blanket. In order to build a high quality product and made out of the finest and non toxic materials. Lauren and Katie partnered with the #1 infrared sauna brand in the USA and the largest infrared sauna brand in the USA, Clearlight. 

The Higher dose infrared blanket was part designed by Dr. Raleigh Duncan, the founder of Clearlight saunas. Higher dose partnered with the best, because they wanted to make sure the blanket was made of the highest quality materials. The founder of clearlight, Dr. Raleigh Duncan helped Lauren and Katie to develop their product, the higher dose infrared blanket. Dr Raleigh Duncan won't be creating this blanket anywhere else. Higher dose have an exclusive relationship with Clearlight.  

Higher dose sauna blanket reviews

Although the Higher Dose sauna spa in NYC was a favourite place to go. Higher Dose attracted many A-lister clients including Leonardo DiCaprio and myriad models, Katie and Lauren also wanted athletes to become aware of the benefits of the infrared. After one year of founding higher dose, Katie and Lauren went on TV where they pitched their infrared sauna blanket to the biggest names in sports to become investment partners, and now, athletes have started using their infrared blanket. 


Infrared sauna blanket dangers

The higher dose blanket is 100% safe and there are no dangers. The higher dose heated sauna wrap also has
a timer, which will automatically switch off, after 50 minutes, just in-case you fall asleep. 

New York Times did an article on Higher Dose, on what it felt like sitting inside of a Higher Dose sauna at their NYC
sauna spa. Tippi Clark a nutritionist from Manhattan visited higher dose said "I feel safe and alone in a cocoon of warmth"

Infrared sauna blanket safety

Do NOT use and infrared saunas or infrared blankets if you are any of the following below...

If you have body implants inserted into you, such as metal or breast implants.
If you have skin diseases.
If you you have reddening on your skin, or burns.
If you wear a heart defibrillator, or any other type of heart implantable device.
If you have broken bones. 
If you have osteoporosis. 
If you feel dizzy, nauseous or have any other similar symptoms. 
If you have just had surgery. 
If you have cancer or any other serious medical conditions. 
If you suffer from abnormal blood pressure. 
If you are pregnant, breast feeding, or might be pregnant.

How long should you stay in an infrared blanket

You can stay in an infrared sauna blanket for up to 50 minutes, don't use it for more than 60 minutes. 

How to clean the higher dose blanket

How do you clean an infrared blanket; most people do not like cleaning, but it's important to clean your blanket properly, because otherwise, sweat leads to bacteria. Also you will want it fresh and clean with every use. 

You buy an antibacterial and a disinfectant spray from the supermarket and then wipe it down using a clean towel, or you can use paper towels. You can also use anti-bacterial wipes to wash it. You can also create your own anti bacterial solution at home with home made vinegar mixed with tee tree essential oil, or thyme essential oil. After you clean your blanket leave it open to allow it to dry. Once the blanket has dried, it's easy to fold up, and you can put it away. 

Higher Dose Blanket Instructions

Where comfortable loose fitting clothes, that cover your whole body, including a long sleeve top and make sure your socks cover your ankles. The bottom of the blanket gets really hot. Wear cotton and breathable clothing (not tight leggings).

You can wear loose fitting clothes like pyjama bottoms, sweat pants, a long sleeve top and socks that cover your ankles. The reason why your feet also need to be covered is because your clothes will act as a barrier to protect the skin. 

The blanket will become very hot, you can put a blanket underneath your body to cover your back to soak up the sweat. Otherwise you would be laying inside of puddle. Putting a large towel underneath your body will make the heat wrap more comfortable to lie in. 

You can put some protection underneath your blanket like a yoga mat or some towels, to protect the carpeted floor and to make it more comfortable. In order to heat your wrap up you would plug it into the wall socket.

Higher dose blanket weight loss

Infrared heat is a different type of sweat, it's an oily sweat. The infrared heat pulls fat from your fat cells. A study was conducted by Binghamton University and found that people who spent 45 minutes in an infrared sauna 3 times a week lost four percent of body fat in sixteen weeks. 

How to use infrared sauna blanket

How to use higher dose blanket; your Higher dose sauna blanket UK wrap comes with temperature control.  Before you get inside of the infrared wrap. You would warm it up first by pre-heating your higher dose blanket to level 9 for 10 minutes. Once inside, if you are new to infrared heat, you can start on temperature level 4, 5, or 8. Most people can't make it past temperature level 7, after 7 they say it's too hot. You wouldn't need to use level 9. Level 9 should only be used if sweating, can not be achieved on the lower level temperatures. There is a great video below on how to get into the blanket. 

Watch the  videos Below to learn more

Higher Dose Blanket Reviews Videos

Higher Dose Brand Video 

Step by step How to use the blanket

Inside the higher dose spa in nyc

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Higher dose blanket EMF

Higher does has low EMF, the blanket was designed in part by the Founder of the USA's number one infrared sauna company, clearlight. The higher dose blanket also has premium non-toxic interior and exterior fabrics. 

Higher dose blanket calories burned

The founders state that you can burn up to 600 calories in one session. 

Higher dose sauna blanket price

The higher dose blanket costs £399.00 

Infrared Blanket Pros and Cons 


  • Guaranteed Low EMF heating (the blanket was part designed by the USAs #1 Infrared sauna company Clearlight)
  • The higher dose blanket has layers of charcoal, crystals and clay inside (which generate negative ions)
  • Non toxic, second to none premium fabrics
  • It has a charcoal layer inside to amplify the detoxification process 
  • Built with a medical grade magnetic strip to encourage blood flow. 
  • Reduces lactic acid, loosens up and relaxes stiff, sore muscles, soothes aches and pain all over, including the muscles and joints. 


  • You have to wash it down every time you use it, and then wait for it to dry for 30 minutes before you can put it away. The secret is to clean it immediately after you use it before the sweat dries, this way your blanket is always fresh and clean. You can also add your favourite essential oil in your anti-bacterial spray when cleaning your blanket. 


This is a great, safe product. 

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